Activities & Events

There are different activities and events organised at Wermlands Nation ranging from choir and environmental committee to pub nights and formal balls.

Here below you get a sneak peek into our activities.

Are you interested in entertaining at our pubs? Please contact the kuratel for more information, email here.

Or maybe you would like to work at our activities? See more here.


American Jazz Pub

Unfortunately due to Covid-19, our American Jazz pub is temporarily canceled. We are working our best to bring it back later this autumn! 

Board Game Pub

Sometimes you just need a cozy evening after a long day of university studies. What could have been better than a game night with your closest friends? Every even week Wednesday we invite you to the Game Pub with us at Wermlands Nation. Bring a board game or borrow one of ours!


The Frunch (breakfast (frukost)+ lunch = Frunch) is the perfect start to the weekend. A brunch buffet beyond the ordinary. Choose some old or new favorites, refill your coffee and enjoy a wonderful breakfast with your loved ones. 

Our Frunch this semester (HT20) opens on every odd week Saturday! 


Book a sittning at Wermlands Nation! A sittning is a Swedish student tradition where a class/ organization/ group of friends meets up for dinner party, during which there is usually singing, and other entertainment.

Read more and book a sittning here.

Esaias Tegnérs Bal

Esaias Tegnér's Ball is Wermland's annual ball which is held every year in October. On the third weekend in October, all of Wermland's current and former active guests are invited to a full evening of magic, dinner and entertainment followed by dancing. The ET ball is the perfect opportunity to spruce up and meet new and old friends.


Environmental Committee

We live on a lovely planet that needs our help! Therefore, one of the main goals here at Wermlands Nation is to make the nation’s life and culture as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible.


To archive this, we, the Environmental Committee, plan workshops, movie nights, hiking trips along with many other events to educate and show how important it is to sustain the beautiful world we live in!

There is always more to do! If you want to help us educate and promote awareness of  environmental challenges, go hiking, plant vegetables, or share your new ideas, then you have found the right place!  Come and meet us for fika and a nice chat on Tuesdays at 18.00 in Wermlands basement.


Everyone is welcome!

Find Environmental Committee on facebook here.

Environmental Coordinators

The meetings are led by Environmental Coordinators, miljösamordnare, who are foremen at Wermlands Nation. Miljösamordnare also meets with our Kuratel, and is responsible for keeping contact with the Kuratel when arranging events.


Our foreman position as Environmental Coordinator is at the moment unfilled. Contact Valberedningen if you are interested in applying for this position.



Our foreman position as Environmental Coordinator is at the moment unfilled. Contact Valberedningen if you are interested in applying for this position.



Wermlands, Blekingska, and Kalmar Nations have joint choir called Gudrunkören. It’s open to anyone who wants to sing, no matter what level or past experience! We rehearse Tuesdays between 7 pm and 9.30 pm in the basement at Wermland's Nation, and give performances regularly at nation parties and major holidays. There is of course always fika, and time to hang out and meet new friends.

OBS! Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 the Gudrun choir will not take on any new members during September 2020. We will re-evaluate the situation in October 2020. Feel free to join our Facebook group and we will accept your request as soon as we take on new members again. 

Find us on Facebook here


Find the Gudrunchoir's official website here

Sports Committee


Wermlands has their own sports comittee. The committee is coordinated by sports foreman (idrottsförman) who is a foreman at Wermlands Nation. 

Lately the committee has focused on yoga.

Everyone knows that student life can sometimes get stressful, due to the amount of studying, plus the wide range of activities happening in Lund which can make us get lost in the shuffle, for fear of missing something. We all need a little time for ourselves, to relax and get some positive vibes, so that we can move on with more energy and determination. In our view, the yoga class at Wermlands nation is just about that and a little more. For 60 minutes, you get to stretch, relax and find this connection to yourself, in a warm and cozy environment.

Every monday at 19:00 in the Wermlands basement.

Free for Wermland's members & 30 sek for all non-members

Tandem & Högtidsbangolf

At Wermlands Nation and in Studentlund, we have some specialities that can easily confuse a novish (click here for more information about novices!) or another. One of these is the Tandemstafetten, a traditional event that is organized every year except when the Lund Carnival is held.


Here the majority of Studentlund's nations, Lund's student unions and other student organizations participate in the Tandem-competition The event involves competing in tandem cycling with a distance all the way from Gothenburg to Lund. And what would this have been like if only two well-trained participants had participated in this evening? In the true spirit of Lund, we, of course, send a cheering team with the bike. The result is thus; a bicycle, a bus and about 50 partying students. The event is usually organized during the month of May.

Another tradition at Wermlands Nation is Festive Minigolf - an event beyond others. Here Wermland's most loyal members gather and play minigolf together - dressed in festive attire of course. The event is usually held in early June.

PR Committee


The PR committee is Wermland's working group for PR and social media.


Are you interested in graphics and design, social media or are you a fan of writing newsletters and posts on Facebook? Then the PR committee is for you! Together with the curatorship, the committee plans and is responsible for the nation's face outwards and inwards on the nation's website and social media, etc.


Is this something for you or do you have an idea you want to see on our media? Be sure to contact the kuratel via

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