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Åsa Lidin

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The Barchef is the foreman that every guest comes into contact with during pubs and clubs. Their responsibilities include overseeing, stocking up, and taking care of the bar areas. Together with the barworkers, the Barchef sells food and drinks to all the guests coming to Wermlands.

our basement foremen


Hovmästare and their workers make up Wermland’s serving team. Hovmästare’s responsibilities include setting the tables, serving food and doing the laundry. Hovmästare is a great first way to become a foreman.


Cafevärd is the foreman-position for earlybirds. Cafevärds are responsible for the nation’s Saturday brunch called Frunch. Together with their workers Cafevärd prepares and sets up Frunch.


Kvällsansvarig, or KA, is the evening manager foreman that is responsible for the night. This person is in contact with possible authorities and delegates the responsibility for economy for the bar. The KA reports back to Kuratelet if something extraordinary happened during the night. They are also responsible ensuring the safety and comfort of the workers.


Krögare are our kitchen formen. They begin working in the afternoon to prepare the food for the evening with their workers. The kitchen foremen, as part of their responsibility ensure our kitchen is kept clean and tidy.

Open Basement Foreman Positions

If you are interested in any of these or other positions, or would just like to learn more information about the position, feel free to send us an email to pqs@wermlandsnation.se or message here:




Övermarskalk is the head responsible for Wermlands annual ball - Esaias Tegnérs balen. Together with Balkommitté and Kuratel övermarskalk plans the entire ball, eg. books the bands, decides on the menu and orders flowers.

Husförman is the foreman whose responsibilities include contact with the nation and HSB (the organization responsible for the house). Husförman is the landlord for the people living at the building and takes care of smaller fixes in the building.

Idrottsförman is responsible for nation’s sport-events and represents the nation in Idrottskollegiet (IK). Idrottsförman decides which sports activities shall happen and assists during IK’s bigger events, eg. Tandem and nation tournaments.


our office & culture foremen


Inskrivare are the foremen that take care of the new members of our nation. They represent the nation at fairs, meetings and in the office during the registration period. Finally, they plan and arrange activities and events during the Novisch Period. The Novisch Period is our nation's orientation period for the nation. 


Designchef is the foreman responsible maintaining our graphic profile in addition to creating posters and all the graphics. They also cooperate with the PR-Committee to follow up the goals that the committee sets up.

PR-chef is the leader of PR-committee that consists of kommunikationsförman, fotoförman and designchef. PR-chefs tasks include creating facebook-events, having meetings with other formen and planning and delegating the nation’s PR-work.


Kommunikationsförman is responsible for the nation’s social media and digital communications. They help to promote and maintain our nation's image. Additionally, Kommunikationsförman cooperates with PR Committee to help create and reach its goals.



Fotoförman is our nation's photographer. They take photos at the nation’s events and activities. Fotoförman is a memeber and collaborates with the cooperates with PR-committee.


PR-committee consists of PR-chef, kommunikationförman, designchef and fotoförman who together with Kuratel are responsible for the nation's PR and marketing. PR-committee meets up around every two weeks to plan and discuss nation's social media, website and other PR.


Redaktör is the responsible for the nation's newspaper Samojeden. 


Miljösamordnare are the leader of the Environmental Committee. Miljösamordnare also meets with our Kuratel, and is responsible for contacting the nation when arranging events or using nation’s resources.



Körförman is the foreman is the point person for Wermlands’, Blekingska’s, and Kalmar’s choir called Gudrunkör. They also help to lead up the chior.


NATKU-förman (Nationens kultur- och trivselförman, Nation's culture and wellbeing-froeman)is in charge of the internal activities of the foremen at Wermlands Nation. Together with the kuratel and for example Idrottsförman, the NATKU-förman can organize any events from visits to museum and laserdome to hiking in the woods.. 

Open Office and Culture Positions

If you are interested in any of these or other positions, or would just like to learn more information about the position, feel free to send us an email to q@wermlandsnation.se or send us a message here:





our boards


Husstyrelsen is the board that manages and decides on the behalf of the building where the nation is. Together with the husförman, husstyrelsen maintains contact with HSB and plans and approves renovations, purchases that are made for and behalf of the building.

Fonden för Samlingslokaler Ledamot

Fonden för Samlingslokaler, or FFSL, is the financial board of the nation. The board works to ensure the long-term survival of the nation. FFSL also manages the nation’s funds and investments.


Seniors are the board of our nation. Their job is to plan the nation’s long-term future and oversee the work of the Kuratel. Seniors are part of different working groups and function as the middle-hand between formen and kuratel if so needed.


Valberedning consists of head of Valberedning and a number of members. Valberedningen does the marketing of foreman-positions, interviewing of candidates and makes recommendations for candidates to the nation before the Landskap.

Open Board Positions

If you are interested in any of these or other positions, or would just like to learn more information about the position, feel free to send us a message here:



Inspektoratet has a supervisory role in his nation and presides over most important functions. The Inspektor is also the chairman of the nation's governing committee and the Proinspektors are a part of the nation's boards.

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