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Environmental Committee

We live on a lovely planet that needs our help! Therefore, one of the main goals here at Wermlands Nation is to make the nation’s life and culture as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible.


To archive this, we, the Environmental Committee, plan workshops, movie nights, hiking trips along with many other events to educate and show how important it is to sustain the beautiful world we live in!

There is always more to do! If you want to help us educate and promote awareness of  environmental challenges, go hiking, plant vegetables, or share your new ideas, then you have found the right place!  Come and meet us for fika and a nice chat on Tuesdays at 18.00 in Wermlands basement.


Everyone is welcome!

Find Environmental Committee on facebook here.


The meetings are led by Environmental Coordinators, miljösamordnare, who are foremen at Wermlands Nation. Miljösamordnare also meets with our Kuratel, and is responsible for keeping contact with the Kuratel when arranging events.


Environmental coordinators - 4 st

The Environmental Coordinator’s purpose is to be responsible for the nation’s environmental committee’s
ongoing work. The work should be carried out to fulfill the nation’s vision and environmental goals. The
Environmental Coordinators are also responsible for the nation's garden and its development. One event
per week should be arranged that is either a garden activity or environmental themed.

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