Membership &

Get Active

Join Wermlands nation and become a member during the registration weeks in the beginning of the fall- or spring semester.

1. Join Studentlund by visiting their website.

2. Visit the nation for registration, "inskrivning".

Become Active!

There are several different ways to become active at Wermlands. One of the most fun and popular ways to become a part of our nation and get new friends is to work at our nation. YOU choose how often and how much you want to work.

Work at Wermlands

For helping out in the basement you get our fantastic perks:

  • Invite to a Thank-You Sittning [2-3x per semester]

  • A Pub-Foodticket which gets you free food on pub-evenings

  • Food and Sodas during working hours

Email or join our facebook group "Work at Wermlands" to get active.

Become a foreman!

One of the most popular ways to get active is to work at one of Nation's committees and become a foreman.

Read more about foremen here.

It is Valberedningen, whose task is to find new foremen. Contact them, if you want to know more or become active.


The election board, Valberedningen,  consists of a head of Valberedning and a number of members. Valberedningen does the marketing of foreman-positions, interviewing of candidates and makes recommendations for candidates to the nation before the Landskap.

See the latest announcements for foreman positions here: