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NATU Committee

The NATU Committee's main objective is managing some of the many non-alcoholic events hosted by the Nation. This can include representing the Nations Choir, hosting different events and looking after our board game-collection. 

If you want to have a lot of freedom and creativity in hosting some really nice events, where there is no alcohol involved, you should consider applying for a position at the NATU committee. 

The NATU committee reports to the PQS

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NATU foreman - 2 st

NATU formen are responsible for creating and organising non-alcoholic events, e.g. movie-nights, picnics
or seasonal events. The responsibility also means realising them. There is a lot of creativity in the role.
Further, you are also responsible for KuratorKollegiets inter-nation sports events, where the sports
foreman will assist you. As a NATU foreman you and your colleague are expected to organise at least 5
events every semester.

Choir foreman - 1 st

The Coir foreman is the representative of the nation in the Gudrunchoir.

Boardgame foreman - 1 st

The boardgame foreman is responsible to make sure that our game collection is up-to-date and in good
shape. This means cleaning the games and to propose purchases of new games.

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