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Founding of Our Nation

our history to today

At the end of World War II, Wermlands Nation needed to face the growing issue of the housing shortage for their own members. With Lund University’s, ever growing enrollment previous solutions, like renting a room from a relative, were no longer a viable solution. In 1947, we opened the doors of our new nation house at its current location Stora Tvärgatan. It stood out from its surroundings with its modern design on the northern edge of the old area called Nöden. Over the decades the area surrounding Wermlands Nation has changed with the demolition of buildings and shifting of streets. As a result, the building sticks out now, whereas before it stood in line with the surrounding buildings.


By the 1950s, Wermlands Nation had already outgrown its new house that had opened less than a decade ago. Finally, in 1959, the added addition on the western side of our nation was completed. It was around this same time we began working on another student housing project along Måsvägen in collaboration with Kalmar’s and Blekingska’s nations. Unfortunately during this time in the 70’s, due to the combination of the decline of the economy and the stipulations of the state loans that were used to fund the student housing project, Wermlands Nation was on the verge of going bankrupt if nothing was done. In the end, we needed to sell off the additional student housing that had been built.

Our Home

The nation was formed in 1682 and then had four enrolled students: Johannes Eric Ahlström, Johannes Edberg, Johannes Tringholm and Magnus Norgreen. The inspector was elected Andreas Stobæus, professor of Roman Poetry and Eloquence.

Today Wermlands Nation is a place that welcomes everyone. We have activities for the active, the environmentally conscious, or the one who just wants a place where they can meet friends, both old and new. As part of our mission to be environmental conscious and sustainable as we can be for every new member we save one square meter of rain forest.


Most Recent Totals for Rain Forest Saved:

2018    300 square meters

2017    300 square meters

2016    400 square meters

Wermlands Today

Wermlands Nation

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