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Första Lagtima Landskap

Måndagen den 15 mars 2021

Preliminärer §1 Mötets öppnande

§2 Upprättande av röstlängd

§3 Val av två justeringspersoner

§4 Val av två rösträknare

§5 Godkännande av kallelseförfarandet

§6 Fastställande av föredragningslista

Meddelanden §7 Kuratelet meddelar

§8 Styrelsen meddelar

§9 Övriga meddelanden

Beslutsärenden §10 Godkännande av inspektors avgång och val till


§11 Andra läsning av förslag till ny stadga

§12 Motioner

Val ärenden §13 Valärenden

Övriga ärenden §14 Övrigt

§15 Inspektors hemförlovande av landsmän

Lund den 9 mars 2021

Kristy Louise Rhades


PRELIMINÄRER P​reliminaries

§1 Mötets öppnande O​pening of the meeting

§2 Val av två rösträknare ​Election of two vote counters

§3 Val av två justeringspersoner ​Election of two adjusters

§4 Upprättande av röstlängd samt förklaring av röstmetod ​Establishment of the electoral roll and description of Online Voting Procedure

§5 Godkännande av kallelseförfarande ​Approval of summons procedure

§6 Fastställande av föredragningslista ​Adoption of the agenda


§7 Kuratelet meddelar ​Kuratel’s report

§8 Styrelsen meddelar ​Board’s report

§9 Övriga meddelanden ​Other announcements


§10 Godkännande av inspektors avgång och val till hedersmedlem Acknowledgement of Inspector's resignation and election of Pär Omling to become honorary

§11 Andra läsning av förslag till ny stadga Second vote on proposed stadga

Chapter 1 - Purpose

To add §4: The nation shall promote an open-minded and inclusive environment. This includes the prohibition of any discrimination on the basis of age, variation of ability (funktionsvariation), ethnical background, religion, sex or gender, sexual orientation, language and the like.

Chapter 3 – Landskap

To delete §23: If two candidates to the same mission receive the same amount of votes, and more than one third (1/3) of the eligible voters have voted, a draw lot decides. To add to §22: If two candidates to the same mission receive the same amount of votes in a continuum, their election is decided in a Urtima Landskap that is to be held one week after the original landskap, as long as it does not interfere with the holidays.

Chapter 4 – The Board

To change §9 into: The verification of the accuracy of the protocol is made when the Notarie and one (1) attestant chosen by the meeting sign it. The protocol shall be adjusted no later than seven (7) days after the meeting.

Chapter 5 – Kuratel

To add to §4 the point 3: Author and present the business plan each term and the annual report for the previous calendar year to the Board and Landskap.

Chapter 6 – Inspectorate

To change § 2 into: The Inspektor shall at the time of appointment be a permanent employee at Lund University and have strong ties towards the university institutions. The elected Inspektor shall be announced to the Vice-Chancellor of Lund University. The Position as Inspektor is limited to four years, can however, be reelected as many times. The Inspektor is elected at the Andra Lagtima Landskap.

To add to §3 : A Proinspektor is elected when deemed necessary. The elected Proinspektor/-s shall be announced to the Vice-Chancellor of Lund University. The Position as Proinspektor is limited to four years, can however, be reelected as many times. The Proinspektor is elected at the Fjärde Lagtima Landskap.

Wermlands Nations Stadga

Wermlands Nations Stadga in english

Protokoll/ minutes from Fjärde Lagtima Landskap with first vote on proposed stadga

§12 Motioner Motions

All motions have been received in time and have been sent in by members of Wermlands Nation. According to Wermlands Nation’s stadga all motions have to be reviewed by the board.

Motion 1: Specifying Kurator’s mission/tasks

The board recommends the Landskap to dismiss the motion.

Motion 2: Defining the term Studying Member

The board sees that the intention behind this motion has its merits. At the same time, the board thinks that the wording in the motion can lead to certain difficult issues regarding definitions, reviews etc. The board therefore proposes that the Landskap reject the motion so that the board has the opportunity to investigate the issue in more detail.

Motion 3: Dismissal of Kurator / Adjournment of the Landskap

The board recommends the Landskap to dismiss the motion.


§13 Last minute counter nominations

§13 a) Election of positions for the period 2021-07-01 - 2021-06-30

§13 b) Vote on admittance of candidates who do not meet the Stadga’s requirements

§13 c) The procedure for the election candidacies will run by position reoccurring:

The candidates leave the room

Presentation of proposed candidates by Election Committee

The candidates re-enter the room: Five-minute presentation per candidate

Five-minute Q&A between audience and candidate(s)

Max. 5-minute discussion per candidate in which the candidates need to leave the room.

Candidates will be asked back into the room as soon as the discussion has finished.

After the candidate(s) has returned to the room, the polling link opens (polling stations

close as soon as the quorum is reached)

Afterwards, the vote counters announce the elected officials.


Proposal by Election Committee: vacant

Counter nominations: Dante Björnberg


Proposal by Election Committee: Johannes Johansson

Counter nominations: none

§13 d) Fyllnadsval för tiden 2021-03-15 - 2021-12-31 Interim election for the period 2021-03-15 - 2021-12-31

Board Member Sakkunnig

Proposal by Election Committee: Neija Elvekjær

Counter nominations: none

Board Member

Proposal by Election Committee: vacant

Counter nominations: none

§13 e) Fyllnadsval för tiden 2021-03-15 - 2021-06-30 Interim election for the period 2021-03-15 - 2021-06-30

Election Committee Member

Proposal by Election Committee: No suggestion

Counter nominations: none

§13 f) Current vacant foreman positions:

Festmästare - Special Events Evening Manager (Novisch Sittning, Vargasque, Ball)

Övermarskalk - Headmarshall

Revisor - Auditor

Pubförman - Pub forman

Hovmästare - Sittning Manager

Sittningskock - Sittning Chef

Körförman - Choir Forman

Joggingförman - Sports/Jogging foreman

Fanbärare - Banner foreman

§13 g) Since 2020-12-10, the Kuratel elected the following positions:

PR Chief Melodie Viallon Jan-Jun 2021

(Communications Manager)

Photo Foreman Johanna Lundqvist Jan-Jun 2021

Design Chief (social media) Katya Horlenko Jan-Jun 2021

Design Chief (webpage) Jakob Fagerström Jan-Jun 2021

Pub foreman (Evening Manager) Melodie Viallon Jan-Jun 2021

Tianyu Shi Jan-Jun 2021

Bar Chief Johannes Johansson Jan-Jun 2021

Marte Nilsen Jan-Jun 2021

Fanni Bintir March-Jun 2021

Pub Chef Antton Lamarca Jan-Jun 2021

Pamela Huskin Jan-Jun 2021

Frunch Foreman Dante Björnberg Jan-Jun 2021

Fika Foremen Iris Groslambert Feb-Jun 2021

Emma Folliet Jan-Jun 2021

Sports/Hiking Foreman Julia

Wierzchoslawska Jan-Jun 2021

Environmental Committee Frida Pinholt Mar-Jun 2021

Coordinators Joakim Magnusson

Fredlund Mar-Jun 2021


§14 Övrigt ​Other

§15 Inspektors hemförlovande av landsmän ​Inspektor concludes the Nation Meeting

See the agenda in pdf here.

Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82337162487

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