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Summer is just outside the door with its lovely colours and nice weather. The approaching summer also means the end of this year’s spring semester. A semesters work can be very hard and demanding, which makes you think that you wished you had more time to do what you missed, like planning a trip to that very cool destination everyone`s been talking about. Don´t worry. Buy the “Jojo Sommarkort” this summer and become a local tourist instead! Skåne may seem small on the surface, but it has an even bigger and richer history than you might know!

The entrance to the castle, seen from the courtyard

We start our trip by turning back the time a half century, to when a different language was spoken and Skåne was under Danish rule. Our first destination is the very old and preserved medieval castle Glimmingehus outside of Simrishamn. It is in fact the oldest and best preserved castle of its time in whole of northern Europe! It was built as a defensive building but it was never exposed of any threatening attacks, which is one of the reasons why it still is in such a good shape. Unlike many other castles, you can enter it and go up to the top and see all the way out to the coasts, just like the guards did during their guard shift when the castle had its prime! It truly is a unique piece of history and you can go there by bus, and a little bit of walking from the closest bus stop.

The fascinating Ales stenar

A bit older but oh so amazing, is the stone ship and ancient burial site Ales stenar, or the Stonehenge of Sweden if you like. This is a very mysterious place and scientists and

amateurs have had different theories about the peculiar rocks origin. The most accepted concept is that the place used to be a burial site and had a ceremonial use, others claim that it was used as a solar calendar. Today some people even try to use it for religious and ceremonial reasons. The site itself is located up on a high hill by the ocean, where you can get a nice view of the Baltic Sea and let the strong wind blow in your hair. A site filled with mystery and history, which you can reach by taking the bus from Ystad or Simrishamn to the cozy fishing village of Kåseberga.

It realy is music for your ears to hear pouring waterfall in the calm nature

If you like good nature and long walks, but would rather like to go to a place which is less crowded than Brösarps backar and Stenshuvud, then I strongly recommend Sträntemölla-Forsemölla. It is situated among the blooming apple cultivations and has a rich flora and fauna. Make sure to bring some good shoes when you go there, since the terrain might be a little bit rough. It is worth the while, because after the dense beech forest and stiff hills you reach a pouring waterfall and the ruins of an old mill. It is pretty far up and the waterfall is quite long. You can also get very close on the waterfall! Despite being on a remote place, it is not that hard to go there. The public transportation is better during the summer and you can travel by bus to Vitaby from the nice small town Simrishamn. It stops

just outside actually.

These destinations are fairly easy to reach. There are so many other interesting and obscure places to visit, but I will have to leave that for later. Hope you found this guide useful on what to do if you stay in Lund the next couple of months. Have a nice summer!

// Johan

You could allmost stand under the waterfall. This is how close you could get whithout losing your balance or slip on a wet rock

// Johan

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