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Updated: 4 days ago

I am a new editor of this page, Sumire! To begin with the articles in this semester, let me write about yoga in wermlandsnation.

Are you interested in incorporating some form exercise into your busy schedule or do you just want a short getaway from all the stress from school? On Monday, I joined the weekly yoga session at Wermlandsnation. It starts at 19 in every Monday. Immerse yourself in the cozy atmosphere created by the scented aroma and dim lighting from the candles. The peaceful and serene environment induced a calming effect on me and many of my peers.

Through this yoga course, you will also gain the opportunity to meet new friendly indivudals just like yourself. Milena, who was the yoga instructor leading the class that day was a bachelor student from Germany. She is currently studying development study in Lund university. She was introduced to yoga a couple of years ago by her mother. Since she found her passion in yoga, she has been practicing it almost every day for the past four years.

Her love for yoga can be traced back to her belief yoga acts as a conduit where one can feel a connection body with one’s mind, conscious and surroundings. She also says, “Don’t have to be super flexible or experienced, come and just relax noticing what come up when you practice yoga, everyone is welcome.”

If you are interested to attend the weekly classes at Wermlands nation, please note that you have to arrive earlier to have a mat. Who knows, maybe we’ll see you there next week!

Sumire Honda

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