Last Weekend - A spaced out holliday

Uppdaterad: maj 31

Every day is a good day to talk about Star Wars, but the fourth of May is something extra. It is not like any ordinary boring day, because this day is dedicated to the magnificent saga we call Star Wars. During the weekend Wermlands hosted a well visited pub and held a fun quiz to celebrate the Star Wars day. But what is “May the fourth” and where does it come from?

A very well-known source of information from the fandom library, says that the inofficial Star wars day was created amongst the most devoted fans of the saga. Then it was still quite small, but it would late grow in size. The mighty Creator George Lucas was once interviewed about one of his movies by a German journalist, who mistranslated his words “May the force be with you” to “May the fourth be with you”. Since George Lucas is god, his words also became law. Since that interview it grew and became more official than inoffiicial. There is an actual official Star Wars day on may the 25:th, but it is not on the same level of cool as this one.

During the Holliday, people dress up as their favorite characters, binge watch the movies, arrange activities such as quizzes and make Star wars-themed food and sweets. There weren’t that many costumes when the basement turned into the Cantina, but the force was strong there anyways. We also served delicious food and made spaced out drinks. All in the ways of the Holliday. Later on, yours truly made a “difficult” quiz. It turned out that two teams were very strong with the force (or did they use some mind tricks on me?) and could answer all my tricky questions. Even the knockout questions that came one after another. But it was eventually sorted out with a little help from some friends and we could announce a winner at the end.

Although the fourth is the day to celebrate, there are those who think the Jedi and the rebels get to much attention since the name of the holiday is based on their catchphrase, not the Siths and the empire. Therefore are the two following days dedicated to the dark side of the force, they are called “Revenge of the fifth” and “Revenge of the sixth”. To attract more people to celeberate these days, it is said that they recruit with cookies to the dark side. May the force be with you!

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// Johan

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