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The German radical version of normal "boring" football, called Radball. The word "rad" meaning bike and "ball" meaning ball. Yeah, that’s right. The crazy Germans came up with this wunderbar idea on how to make a traditional sport a bit more challenging and interesting. In the late 1800:s football had quickly gained popularity and was spread across the continent. The bicycle was also fairly new and fashionable. A German showman and enthusiast thought he could combine these two into one and created this peculiar sport. At first people were quite shy, but later it gained their interest and soon the wheels and balls began rolling!

Apart from the very obvious part that you sit on a bike, it is quite similar to regular association football. That is you have two goals, one ball and you want to win by putting the ball into the opponents net. Like football you have a goalkeeper and players on the pitch not allowed to touch the ball with their hands. Simple. Unlike football though, you can´t quite stand still. You must always keep your feet on the pedals and move. Otherwise you get a penalty and sabotage for your team. There are different ways of playing it depending on how many you are. Preferably you want to play in teams. Therefore you must be at least four so you can play a 2v2 game. Then you play for about five minutes in two halves. You can also play a 5v5 game, but then the game lasts a bit longer.

It might seem like a small sport from a playground, but it is actually quite serious and has become an established sport in parts of central Europe and even in Japan and Russia. The first world championship was arranged ninety years ago and they have arranged it every year since. The most successful teams are former Czechoslovakia and Germany. It is mostly an amateur sport and not super professional, but there is a league for Radball in its origin country. In Germany they have an organized professional league with some clubs where a German champion is crowned at the end of the season. It is surprising this odd and kind of studentesque sport hasn’t arrived in Sweden yet and Lund in particular. It would suit a city like Lund perfectly where there are more bikes than people. A good place for the sport to settle and grow!

Below is a link where you can watch some highlights from when the game is being played during a cup tournament


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