Passing on the Pen

Now the time has come for us editors to conclude this spring semester with the last article of the year. It sure has been fun and exciting to have been part of this experience, and to have revived an old tradition of Wermlands. This has been a very good opportunity and a creative way to contribute to the nation. We recommend it strongly and would like to see the magazine live on for a long while and spread good words to future readers!

I (Johan) have had a blast writing about what’s been on my mind during this semester. I hope you all have enjoyed reading about everything ranging from space, history and travel. There is still much left to write about, but the semester has come to an end. Therefore this must also be my farewell to the magazine. During my stay I've written about some local gems to visit, there are so many left which I could not pen down. So, one of my plans for the summer is to be a local tourist visiting obscure and untouched places of this beautiful landscape. I might visit some castles and go to a concert or two. In any way you will catch me out on the road, that's for sure. When I'm not on the road, I will relax in my Hammock and catch up on some good reading. Just like my time here at the magazine, the summer doesn’t last forever. Right now the direction is leading towards studying a little bit more of German… German history! Jawohl! Alongside with this. I will also try to write on my thesis. But until then it is all about relaxing and resting.

Me (Emma) has very much enjoyed writing about my adventures this semester, and hope you enjoyed reading about them as well! I had the most wonderful time but I can now confirm that I have returned home safely to Lund. These past couple of weeks, I dived right back into my old Wermland life – working in the basement, going to the pubs and parties and even a ball last Friday! It's been awesome catching up with everyone. I also started working right away – this summer I will work 6 weeks at the Ecology Department of Lund University, studying peacock flies and their host plants. Then I have another short job at Uppsala University as field assistant for an ecology course. If I'm lucky I might also have some time for even more traveling. (Actually, as I am writing this I am on a ferry to Germany for university field work. It's a very short trip this time though, I can assure!)

From one project to the next – for the moment, I'm off to Germany to catch these small beautiful flies!

So to conclude, if you would be interested in the position of editor of Samojeden, just send a mail to But now, make sure to enjoy that summer!!

//Emma and Johan

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