Samojeden is back!

Uppdaterad: maj 31

Hello there fellow wermlänningar! The nation’s magazine is back after being on hold for some time. This is where you go if you feel like spreading the word about what is on your mind, or if you feel like just writing a good story. You can write about pretty much everything. Something you are passionate about or maybe something from the experiences of your studentlife. Let the creativity flow. At the moment we are only two and few, but won´t say no to you! Below is a presentation of who we the editors are and some of our experiences.

My name is Johan. I am a humanist student and have studied various humanist subjects here in Lund since 2015. Right now I am studying German level 1 at the SOL-faculty, but my major study is history. It is my biggest interest and every now and then, I make a little time travelling. Apart from my history interest, I also like to talk about music and sports. I joined the nation in 2017 as foreman and a chef. I was stationed there for two semesters. Now I am one of the editors and hope to bring you some good reading.

I`m Emma, the other editor. I have been a foreman at the nation since 2016, and last year I took it one step further and even became a part of the kuratel. The Kuratel runs the nation, so I`ve basically been as involved as you can get! I was PQs, which means responsible for all purchases and staff questions, as well as the events themselves. I study biology in Lund, and I am currently in between my bachelor and master studies – so this semester I decided to go on a bit of an adventure! At the moment I`m taking an ecology course in Uppsala with a 3 week field trip to Yunnan, China! Then I`m off to Greece for a bird project. I will tell you a bit more about my trips for sure!

If you are interested in writing, then don´t hesitate! You can reach us at, and we will proofread and publish your articles. Hope to see some interesting articles!

// Johan and Emma

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