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Uppdaterad: maj 31

Hej, Hello!

你好, Γεια σας!

More than half of this semester has now passed, and this is my first post as an editor of Samojeden. Ooops. That didn’t go quite as planned – I’m sorry about that! But better late than never I suppose…?

So, why have I procrastinated beginning to write posts so extremely? Well I’m actually out on a bit of an adventure this semester! I have a gap semester and chose to spend it outside of Lund. My original plan was to be a correspondent for Samojeden and Wermlands at the same time – such a nice idea! But the problem I’ve realized is that I have been kind of busy going on that adventure I had set out for….. However, my intention is now to try and tell you all a bit more about it. But first a short recap of my semester!

So, on December 31st I ended my year as PQs at Wermlands nation and felt I had given a part of my heart and soul to the nation – and I was then in need of a slight rehabilitation. Haha okay it is only partly true – it was actually an amazing year and I now wanted to take the chance to travel before starting my master in animal ecology.

So I started out the year visiting Prague, traveling around Jordan and taking the train all the way through Sweden to Narvik and Lofoten in northern Norway. All breathtakingly beautiful places!! I would love to tell you all about it another day!

Wadi Rum, Jordan – an absolutely stunningly beautiful place

Narvik, Norway – a huge contrast to Jordan but equally breathtaking

In mid January I then became a traitor to my friends in Lund and started a course in Uppsala (yes, you heard me!). This course, called “Biodiversity and Ecology in Yunnan”, had the perk of having a three-week fieldtrip to Yunnan in southern China included. This course is given every two years, I do recommend!! More about this trip will come.

After coming back from China and Uppsala (also a very nice city that you should visit!) I went to Greece, and I am now located on the small island of Antikythira, located northwest of Crete. It has merely 20 inhabitants in winter – and here I will be hanging around until 19th of May, doing applied work as a university course. My tasks mainly include helping out with bird ringing and carrying out a research project on shrikes, a bird the size of a lark. With the help of telemetry, I’m tracking woodchat shrikes, classic biology style! I will tell you all about my adventure here.

I hope I have now caught your interest for my future posts, like you would catch a scops owl for bird ringing (which looks like this):

(And don’t worry – this cute owl was ringed, measured and then carefully released!)

Let’s keep in touch from now on!


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