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Kom in i Wermen!

Wermlands Nation

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Wermlands nation was founded in 1682 and is one of the oldest nations in Lund! A student-nation is an organisation by students – for students, where the members are the ones who make the nation their own. Today the nation is located in the heart of Lund and consists of around 600 members.

What unites us is the Wermlandic-spirit, the community, and ofcourse the festivities. Wermlands is a place where people can meet, and where everyone is welcome! Our small amount of members creates a close-knit community where it’s easy to make friends, but also allows creative freedom for our active members to suggest new ideas and activities.

Together we create Wednesday-pubs, a place to relax and have a drink with friends, clubs every Friday, sports on Mondays, sittnings, and ofcourse so much more! Wermlands Nation is all about making the studentlife as meaningful and fun as possible, whilst also creating a home, away from home! We also offer studenthousing for our members.

So, if you want a university experience filled with community, friends, laughter and party – become a member!

Come into the Warmth!

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