Student Housing

Wermland's Nation's Studenthouse has 22 corridor rooms and about 15 apartments. Wermlands is a cosy and calm place to live at and it is in the very middle of the city. 

How to get housing at Wermlands

There are two ways to get housing:

1. At the start of every semester, depending upon how many people move, a couple of rooms are available for novischer. For the novisch-queue, priority is given to applicants from Värmland, Dalsland, Svealand, and Norrland ("hemortsrätten"). 

2. The other way is to become active in our nation. Points are given to every involved student through a scoring system based on how much they work within the nation. When a contract ends for a corridor room or an apartment, the room is then allocated to students who have the highest point totals.​ Foremen and workers are prioritized in the housing queue. 


How do I apply?

Corridor rooms

Corridor room is for those who want their own room but want to share the kitchen and bathroom with other students. The rooms are circa 16 square meter and comes unfurnished, but has closet and a sink. 

Apply by filling in the pdf-file with your contact information and send it to the housing foreman. You can email them here.


Apartments are for you who wish to have your own kitchen and private space during your university studies. We have apartments ranging from studios to 4-room apartments. You apply for the entire apartment, meaning you are responsible for finding your roommates.

Apply by filling in the pdf-file and by sending it to the  housing foreman. You can email them here.




Wermlands Nations Studenthem covid19-policy
This policy is valid for all tenants att Wermlands Nations Studenthem and regulates what is allowed in shared areas, action plan if you have symptoms and get ill, and how to prevent the risk of virus spreading in Wermlands Nations Studenthem. 




Förutom hyreskontraktet som skrivs mellan parterna, reglerar detta hyresreglemente avtalsförhållandet mellan hyresgäst och hyresvärden Wermlands Nations Studenthem.