The Nation

Wermlands Nation is a place that welcomes everyone. We have activities for the active, the environmentally conscious, or the one who just wants a place where they can meet friends, both old and new. As part of our mission to be environmentally conscious and sustainable as we can be for every new member we save one square meter of a rain forest.


Our History
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The nation was formed in 1682 and then had four enrolled students: Johannes Eric Ahlström, Johannes Edberg, Johannes Tringholm and Magnus Norgreen. The inspector was elected Andreas Stobæus, professor of Roman Poetry and Eloquence.

At the end of World War II, Wermlands Nation needed to face the growing issue of the housing shortage for their own members. With Lund University’s, ever growing enrollment previous solutions, like renting a room from a relative, were no longer a viable solution. In 1947, we opened the doors of our new nation house at its current location Stora Tvärgatan. It stood out from its surroundings with its modern design on the northern edge of the old area called Nöden. Over the decades the area surrounding Wermlands Nation has changed with the demolition of buildings and shifting of streets. As a result, the building sticks out now, whereas before it stood in line with the surrounding buildings.

By the 1950s, Wermlands Nation had already outgrown its new house that had opened less than a decade ago. Finally, in 1959, the added addition on the western side of our nation was completed. It was around this same time we began working on another student housing project along Måsvägen in collaboration with Kalmar’s and Blekingska’s nations. Unfortunately during this time in the 70’s, due to the combination of the decline of the economy and the stipulations of the state loans that were used to fund the student housing project, Wermlands Nation was on the verge of going bankrupt if nothing was done. In the end, we needed to sell off the additional student housing that had been built.

Today Wermlands is the most southern nation of Studentlund. Wermlands is located only a short walk from the Botulfsplatsen, Lund's central bus station. The nation is also close to Stadsparken as well as welcomes around 50 students as their residents.

Wermlands Today

The Kuratel

The Kuratel is the operative leaders of the nation. All Kuratel members have different responsibilities, but you can always find some of them in the office, at Stora Tvärgatan 13. Come by for a cup of coffee or send an email if you have any questions!


Dante Björnberg


The Kurator (Q) represents the nation both internally and externally in different meetings. Q also leads the work of the Kuratelet and the entire student association. In addition, Q must promote cohesion and good mood.


You can contact the Kurator if you have questions about your membership, nation's policies or values, the board or anything else regarding the nation's image.

Contact Q here.


Prokurator Ekonomi

Guan Caomengqian

Prokurator ekonomi is the right hand of the Kurator and responsible for the nation's economy. PQe takes care of accounting, submits budget proposals and makes financial statements once per semester.

Send a message to PQE if you have any questions about nation's economy och investments, your payments to the nation or if you trouble with payments.

Contact PQE here.

Donate to nation here.


Prokurator Social

David Bogatic

Prokurator Social is the staff- and activity manager of the nation. PQs is responsible for upgrading and maintaining the restaurant- and bar-activities, including ordering the food and drinks. PQs is also responsible for foreman wellbeing, scheduling and internal activities.

Turn to PQS, if you have any questions about activities at the nation, if you want to work in the pub/frunch or if you want to organize an event.

Contact PQS here.



Johannes Johansson

Husförman is the kuratel member whose responsibilities include contact with the nation and HSB (the organization responsible for the house). Husförman is the landlord for the people living at the building and takes care of smaller fixes in the building.

Husförman is your contact person, if you have any questions about the rooms or apartments at the nation, if you want to apply for housing or if you have trouble with your Wermlands-accommodation.

Contact Husförman here.

Apply for housing here.

The Board

The board consists of the inpectorate, the kuratel, 4 expert members and 4 student members. The board of fall 2020 consist of:


Pär Omling (Inspektor)

Martin C. E. Asker (Proinspektor)

Jimmy Pilo (Proinspektor)

Cecilia Rodell

Torbjörn Jönsson

Amanda Cervenka
Alexandra Julin

André Hultman

Sofia Bergh

Every member has a right to attend the board's meeting. You can contact Kurator if you want to attend or have questions about the board or anything else regarding the nation.

Contact Q here.



A foreman is a special active position at Wermlands Nation. Being a foreman is a big responsibility, but also loads of fun! Apart from hanging out with your friends while working, there's a whole load of benefits you get from it.


There are several different foreman positions, ranging from more hands-on position such as being responsible for the kitchen, bar or frunch to "exp & culture" positions such as PR-chef, Environmental Coordinator or Choir foreman.

All of the foremen get a so called Green Card, which gives free entrance to all other nations. The more often you work, the more food tickets you get. You can trade these for free meals during our other sections.

The Kuratel also organize regular foreman activities, for example a foreman trip and foreman fun. All of this is entirely free as a thank you for our foremen's hard work.

It's also a perfect opportunity to decorate your CV with some volunteering!


To see all the avalible foremen positions at the nation, click here:

We are yearly making changes to our list of trust positions. If you have a good idea, do not hesitate to contact our kuratel or the board.


The vacant posts will be announced by the nomination committee on our website and Facebook page four weeks before the Landskap, nation meeting. You can nominate yourself or others that you find suitable for a post. You do this by filling in the linked form on the announcement. After that, the nomination committee will contact tha candidates to book an interview.



During the interview the nomination committee will ask post you have applied for, if you know what the responsibilities will be, why you find yourself suitable for the position and such.

When the interview is over, the nomination committee will discuss whether they find you suitable for the position or not. If you get nominated you have to come to the nation meeting and present yourself and answer some questions that the others attending the meeting might have. After this, the nation meeting will vote and if you get a majority you have officially been elected! 



If you don't get nominated, or miss the nomination period, you can always go up as a counter proposal by sending an email to . This happens if more people apply than there are vacancies, or the nomination committee doesn't believe that you would be suitable as foreman. You can go up as a counter-proposal until a week before the nation meeting, landskap.

Guest Cards


If you have friends coming to Lund on a visit, you might want to show how student life in Lund looks like? Then you can buy a guest card that allows them to enter all nations in Lund.

The requirement is that they are students at university or college somewhere in Sweden or abroad. Studying at Lund University does not qualify for a guest card. In that case, you are advised to join Studentlund and a nation.

You will need either an original or clear copy of their ID with matching student ID (where validity date is clearly stated). The guest card costs 70 kr. This is then valid for 7 days.

Guest cards are sold during the opening hours of the expedition.

Mondays - Fridays: 10:00 - 13:00
Wednesdays: 17:00 - 19:00


Landskap, the nation meeting, is the highest decision-making power at the nation. There are four official landskap during the year called Lagtima Landskap. There is also a possibility to call for an extraordinary Landskap called Urtima Landskap. 

All members are welcome to join, and entitled to vote. During these meetings the nation's budget and yearly balance are determined, for example, and our Foremen, Board and Kuratel Members are elected. 


Policy & Documents







The rest of policies, such as investment-, recruitment- and management policy can be read in our office. 

Nation Friend

Wermland Nations National Friend is Josefine Andersson - Someone to talk to about what's important to you.
Do you need someone to talk to?

The Nation Friend is the nation's own support function and can help you when you need extra support in life. Our nation friend is Josefine Andersson and is a student priest at Lund University.

The thought behind the nation friend is simply to be available for talks and counselling for nation members and actives. The nation friend is there for everyone regardless of belief or non-belief and the conversation is characterized by what is important to you who seek help and support.

Josefine has an absolute duty of confidentiality and the calls are free.

Want to get in touch with Josefine?
Josefine Andersson can be reached at 046-71 87 47 or through

You can read more about the Student Priests at Lund University here.