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Events & Activities

There are a ton of different activities and events organised at Wermlands Nation! Meaning that you will easily be able to find something that suits you! These range from choir, hikes, sport events, to pub nights, clubs and, formal balls! 


Here below you get a sneak peek at our events!


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Are you interested in entertaining at our pubs? Please contact the kuratel for more information, email here.

Or maybe you would like to volunteer at our activities? See more here.



Welcome to our wonderful Wednesday pubs! The club opens right after at 22.30 with free entrance for those who have been to the pub!

The pub is a great place to hang with your friends over a beer (or two) after studying all week! Here the Swedish saying Lill'lördag seems befitting, little Saturday.  




Pub 18-22.30

Club 22.30-02 



How should I spend my Fridays?

Why not come by the most centrally located nation club in Lund to dance the week away and gather some much needed energy for Monday?


Fridays 22 - 02.



Book a sittning at Wermlands Nation! A sittning is a Swedish student tradition where a class/ organization/ group of friends meets up for dinner party, during which there is usually TONS of singing and other entertainment.

Read more and book a sittning here.


Esaias Tegnérs Bal

Esaias Tegnér's Ball is Wermland's annual ball which is held the third Saturday in October! Wermlands Nation gathers, new and old, friends and soon to be friends, to AF Borgen in the heart of Lund for an evening you won't forget!


The Esaias Tegnérs ball is the perfect opportunity to dress up, dance your feet away and, meet new and old friends.

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Wermlands-, Blekingska-, and Kalmar Nation have a joint choir called Gudrunkören. It’s open to anyone who wants to sing, no matter past experience or not! They give performances regularly at nation parties and major holidays.


There is of course always fika, and time to hang out, and meet new friends.

Find us on Facebook here​


Find the Gudrunchoir's official website here


Tandem & Högtidsbanegolf

At Wermlands Nation and in Studentlund, we have some specialities that can easily confuse a novish (click here for more information about novices!) or another. One of these is the Tandemstafetten, a traditional event that is organized every year except when the Lund Carnival is held.

Here the majority of Studentlund's nations, Lund's student unions and other student organizations participate in the Tandem-competition. The event involves competing in tandem cycling with a distance all the way from Gothenburg to Lund. And what would this have been like if only two well-trained participants had participated in this evening? In the true spirit of Lund, we, of course, send a cheering team on a buss with the bike. The result is thus; a bicycle, a bus and about 50 partying students. The event is usually organized during the month of May.

Another tradition at Wermlands Nation is Festive Minigolf - an event beyond others! Here Wermland's most loyal members gather and play minigolf together - dressed in festive attire of course. The event is usually held in early June.

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