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Domus Committee

The Domus Committee has the responsibility of managing the Nations property and housing. By helping the Housing foreman (PQD) with the house the main purpose of the Domus committee is taking care of things like cleaning the stairwells, managing the laundry room and being responsible for the technological equipment that belongs to the Nation. 

If you feel like managing the property of Wermlands nation, or maybe being a tech-savy person that knows one or two things about sound equipment, you should consider applying for a position in this committee. 

The Domus Committee reports to the Husförman (PQD)



House gnome - 2st

The house gnome is responsible for making sure that the stairwells are clean, and that tablecloths and the
workers’ clothes are clean and ready for use in time for pub- and club evenings. The cleaning andmaintenance of the laundry-room is also your responsibility. As a house gnome you are expected to do
laundry on a weekly basis and house cleaning approximately once a month.

Tech foreman - 1st

The Tech Foreman is responsible for all the basement technology, including speakers, lights, cables,
ventilation and internet. As a tech foreman, you will also develop guides on how to use said technology,
as well as propose purchases of new equipment. You are also responsible for setting up lighting set-ups.

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