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Festmästeriet is the committee that plans and arranges the Nations Bals, festivities and organize sittnings for our foremen. The responsibilites include everything from booking venue and entertainment, hosting the parties that the Nation traditionally have and cook the meals for the bals and sittnings. 

If you're looking to be in a team who's job is to throw really awesome parties, as well as be the main organizer of some of the very formal events that is hosted by the Nation, you should apply for a position at Festmästeriet. 

Festmästeriet reports to the PQS



Head marshal - 1 st

The head marshal are responsible for arranging Esias Tégners Ball that is held the third weekend of
october, annually. This includes three events: Varggasque, The Ball and Nävgröten. The head marshal is
responsible for booking the venue, entertainment, catering, flowers, decorations, speeches. Get and lead a
team of Marshals that will be your help with preparations and work as marshals during the events. You
are to be seated at the honorary table and make sure the program goes according to schedule, as well as
preparing a speech for the dinner.

Festmästare - 2-3 st

The festmästare are responsible for the nation's traditional festivities. They are responsible for planning
and executing e.g. the novisch party, the summer party and the surströmmingsgille, as well as the
Varggasque and afterparty at Esaias Tegner's ball. They also organize thank you sittnings for our foremen.
The festmästare works closely with the köksmästare, head marshal and novisch foremen. As a festmästare
you organize about 3-4 events per semester. You may be asked to work at other kinds of events such as
pubs, clubs and sittnings.

Fanbärare - 1 st

As fanbärare you are responsible to carry the nation’s official flag during ceremonies where Fanborgen
(the flag society) are participating. They acquire the flag from Fanborgen. White tie is required for these
ceremonies. You work about 3-4 events per semester.

Novice foreman - 2 st

The novice foremen are responsible for the nation's novisch period. They are responsible for the planning
and execution of activities for our novisches. They also appoint fadders in preparation for the novice
period. Together with festmästare, köksmästare and toastmasters, they also arrange the novice party. As a
novice foreman, your main work is done during the first few months.

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