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PR Committee

The PR committee is Wermland's working group for PR and social media.


Are you interested in graphics and design, social media or are you a fan of writing newsletters and posts on Facebook? Then the PR committee is for you! Together with the curatorship, the committee plans and is responsible for the nation's face outwards and inwards on the nation's website and social media, etc.


Is this something for you or do you have an idea you want to see on our media? Be sure to contact our PR-chief via

The PR committee reports to the Kurator (Q)



PR-foreman - 2st

PR foremen work below the PR-chief and are responsible for making graphic content and designs to
promote Wermlands nation and its events. This includes physical posters, social media posts, the website,
foremen-merchandise, and tass tickets for sittings, etc. This should be done in coordination with
information given from the PR-chief and in line with the current vision of the nation. They are also
responsible for managing Wermlands nation’s social media and website (graphic layouts and functions).

Photo foreman - 2st

The photo formans main responsibility is documenting the weekly events; pubs, clubs, cafes, garden and
special events; Esaias Tegnérs Ball, sittnings and occurrences in the house. The photoformen will upload
the photo albums to the PR committee drive > ‘Photo albums’ for safekeep and for easy access. They
select and edit photos in preparation to be shared on social media.

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