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Sports Committee

Wermlands has their own sports comittee. The committee is coordinated by sports foreman.​ Lately the committee has focused on yoga and hiking, and as a member of the committee you help in organizing and leading the events, as well as communicate with the Kuratel if there is anything that is needed for the activities.

If you would like to host any kind of sports event or activities at the Nation you should consider applying for a position. We want to stay active and want your help in managing this important part of the Nation. 

The sports committee reports to the PQS.



Yoga foreman - 3-4 st

Yoga foremen are responsible for the nation's yoga-related activities. The program of the yoga activities
should be coherent and thought through. A yoga foreman is also responsible for making sure that all
levels of attendees, beginners or experts, should be able to participate to the extent that they wish. Shouldthe desire for other types of yoga-related activities exist, it falls on the foremen to expand the horizons. As
a yoga foreman, you organize a yoga class at least 6 times spread out during the semester.

Sports foreman - 2 st

Sports foremen are responsible for the nation's sports-related activities. Sports foremen possess great
freedom in choosing activities and concepts. As experience levels are sure to vary between the
participants, it is the job of the sports foreman to create activities suitable and enjoyable for all experience
levels. They will also assist NATU foremen in bigger sport events arranged by Kuratorskollegiet. As a
sports foreman you, together with a colleague, organize at least 5 events per semester.

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